Friday, July 20, 2012


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 A brief intro

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Home Again

       I am sitting here at home being sick, yet I feel better, but my body is telling me to throw up everything I eat. Yesterday, was bad started out at 3:38 in the morning, I was doing the "Am I going to puke or not?" thing. So I kinda camped out in the bathroom, then around 4:40ish I threw up, it was horrid! Throughout the day I was felt like I was getting better, but inside of me, my body was like lets destroy your inner organs!! This morning at like 1:50 am I was thinking to myself, "Oh,no, not again," and I practically sprinted to my bathroom, making it just in time for me to aim and score in the toilet... Pretty gross I know, but I have nothing else to write about.
     Right, now though I feel okay, I just finished a banana and I have had a couple of crackers, but everything will be out of my system in an hour or less...
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Thursday, February 16, 2012


I am ready for change. Change is a big deal; whether it is a simple thing as switching shampoos or nail polish color or it could be as difficult as changing your looks. That's what I am doing, I am going to get a hair cut this weekend. Wispy bangs, dead ends cut off... Maybe some new make up. I need to put the past, well, in the past. I want to forget what happened. And now I wish I never did what I did. Bleh. This week, I swear is like weird, I mean it. You know your week goes by super duper slow when you thought Tuesday was a Friday, FML... Well I am tired...Good night... :-}

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

That sucked..

Valentines day was yesterday. And It sucked... I felt like everyone was against me. I feel like I need to vent. 
My valentine ignored me. It was harsh. And, right now I feel like crying. I don't know why... I just think I am going to give up like I have done with every other guy I have liked. Maybe I just need to forget about crushes. It's just that I like him and I can't get him out of my mind. I kinda feel bad 'cause I am annoying, as usual, but now I just think I screwed it all up. fml. I just really want to understand why I don't feel this connection anymore. I mean he liked me and now idk.....I feel like crying... I just want to sit in a corner eat myself fat of chocolates and cry. I wanna cry like I never have over a guy. So I just wanna say, bye. </3 but at the same time I don't want to let you go... please forgive me if I did something wrong...

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Quick post

Ahh.. Freshmen year. Yup, Next year! Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11Okay.. haha goodnight all!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Movie Drama

Today I had a pretty good day. Started out with a good 3.1 mile run with my dogs. Then I had to clean my room. Soo much better! I also cleaned the bathroom too. Did some laundry. Then some homework! About 12-ish I started to get ready to go to the movies with my family. We went to see "We Bought a Zoo". So here's the thing. I love watching movies and stuff, but the drama involved with it. Pray the lord!
The line was long, but it went by fast.
We ordered our popcorn and then set off to the movie room.
We got in there and I was the first to see...The crowd. Omigosh! I was stunned! Every seat packed.
Except the  first row. I mean like the very very VERY first row!
Thus, we had to sit there.
And of  course, I sat next to the little kids.
Anyway, the movie was great! ( bring Kleenexes if you go see it).
It is rated pg-13 ( bad language) all in all- I think I would give this movie... five stars *****.

Now, I am sitting on my bed blogging. 'Cause, well I am a Blogger. Anywho, the popcorn was good, until 20 minutes ago. Movie popcorn, I swear is like, poisoned! Ha! Well, goodnight Everyone. Have a good laugh, be happy in the world. :-)


  Well, I hope y'all had a good sleep! I am going to go eat some breakfast. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARTIN LUTHER KING JR.!!!!  and to any one else out there.

A very interesting topic.You see I have had the same dream for the past year. Yet, again, I had it last night.

The moon was full and shining bright. I run past the little village that has the vines growing up on their walls. My are feet slapping against the stones. The creek was gorgeous. The water was clear and blue. My hair is swirling around me and my white dress was flowing in the wind,too. I look back, I can't see anything, but I know I am being chased. I look forward. I see the two oak tress with a swing. I keep running and running. I am losing my breathe. Beads of sweat are forming on my forehead. I halt to stop. I hear talking. I go and hide under an archway with vines. Everything is tinted in blues and purples.
Then I wake up... bleh. I have a book that helps me with what my dreams mean.
So far so good. Wealth, friendships, prosperity, etc.